Terms and conditions of use


** Pre-Order items are non-refundable as they are paid for upfront with suppliers. If you have any Pre-Order or Back-Order items on this order, the entire order will NOT be shipped out until we receive ALL of these Pre-Order / Back-Order items In-Stock. 


** Return Policy - Returns can be accepted up to 30 days after the packages are shipped out as long as the items are unopened. Returns cannot be accepted if items are opened, worn or played with. Return postage is payable by the customer and refunded to store credit upon return.

Weekend Shipping

** Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday WILL NOT be processed until the following business day - INCLUDING NEXT DAY shipping.

Customs Fees

** Attention International Customers - Each country may have its own Customs Fees. These fees are NOT included in the total and are not the responsibility of Real Rasslin LTD. Delivery times can vary based on delivery method selected and potential customs delays.

Delays Info

** Real Rasslin LTD is not responsible for manufacturer changes or delays.

Cancellation By Us

** We reserve the right to cancel or partially cancel any order based on product availability.

Order On Demand

Please note order on demand items are non refundable and should be ordered only if you are 100% sure about the purchase of the item. See individual listings for more specific details. 



1- a paid then refunded postage exchange (Upon receipt of postage costs and proof being sent to store@realrasslin.net) for a new item in line with the ordering process of that specific stocked item. 

2- A full refund if the item is returned at buyers cost. postage is also to be refunded upon valid receipt being provided. 

3- A partial refund of an amount in line with the visible damage as this does not affect the items use or display-ability as the box they are in is not covered as that would be MINT ON MINT CARD (MOMC) Guarantee which would require the extra postage being paid at checkout again as per the terms of ordering and postage options displayed at checkout. 

4- A full refund to store credit and keep the item in extreme damage cases. 

5- an exchange for another item(s) if preferred to the total value of return post and item invoice amount. 


Stacking of discount codes is not allowed and will result in orders being amended and an invoice sent for the remaining due payment. This will be seen as an attempt to defraud our system and may result in your account being banned from purchasing in future. 

It is the customers responsibility to read all terms and conditions and familiarise themselves with any guarantees we offer! 


Wehn the 3 week guarantee is offered, If you do not get a shipping notification by 23:59 on the 21st day from the friday following the day of order you will receive THE ITEM AND A FULL CREDIT TO YOUR ACCOUNT FOR THE AMOUNT PAID!